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"The entrepreneur training was a great investment. We are entrepreneurs starting our own business and we wanted the inside scoop on what to do. The 10-week training program had a very knowledgeable instructor and guest speakers each week - attorneys, accountants, and loan officers - who gave us a great idea of what to expect and what to do to get our business started. We recommend the training for anyone who is thinking about starting a business."
Mary Taylor and Kenton Robinson, Charleston's Party Bus, Charleston, SC


"During the early stages of developing Alala, LLC we followed our instincts. FastTrac classes helped us identify a trustworthy network and provided us an excellent resource for sorting out the truths and the myths of owning a business. Weekly classes provided us with a sounding board and encouragement through our "temporary board of directors" with whom we could ask and have answered specific questions. We encourage any business to take entrepreneur training - your time will be well spent."
Kim Neel & Sherry Norris, Alala, LLC, Columbia, SC


"The training I received as an entrepreneur from this program was invaluable. As an entrepreneur and the owner of Merge, I am responsible for so many aspects of my business that it would be impossible to know it all. The program helped me understand what I didn't know and refine even more of what I did know for my business to be successful. The course helped me refine my business and build a solid foundation for growth--which we have experienced more than 300% growth since completing the program. I highly recommend the course for any entrepreneur wanting to grow and run a successful business."
Adam Landrum, Merge, Greenville, SC

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