BizBuilderSC Programs

BizBuilderSC's basic business training consists of six-to-12 week classes which provide you with the framework and basic skills to develop and grow a small business. Check for new classes being held in your area on the BizBuilderSC website.

First Step FastTrac®
Provides the tools for participants to explore their readiness and ability to be an entrepreneur, and teaches them how to develop a feasibility plan to evaluate their business concept.

FastTrac® NewVenture
Designed to help entrepreneurs evaluate and perfect their business concept. The program uses the business idea as a case study, giving the attendee the opportunity to workshop the venture in a safe and supportive environment.

FastTrac® GrowthVenture
Encourages entrepreneurs with current businesses to streamline their business process, analyze strengths and shortcomings, and achieve more balance in their work and personal lives.

NxLeveL® for Business Start-ups
Participants develop a start-up business plan during the course to test the feasibility of their business concept and to act as the blueprint for their start-up venture.

NxLeveL® for Entrepreneurs
Also referred to as the "Existing Business Course", is designed for entrepreneurs who want to expand an existing business and need the skills to make it grow.

BizBuilderSC's has industry-specific training to fit the needs of South Carolina's entrepreneurs. Look for these specialty classes in your area on the BizBuilderSC website.

First Step FastTrac® Family Child Care
Helps individuals launch or grow successful family child care businesses. This s a 12-week program results in a business plan and a parent handbook.

NxLeveL® for Agriculture Entrepreneurs
A 10-session, 12-week course aimed at those individuals who have started or are thinking about starting an agricultural based venture that is not tied to large scale, commodity-style production.

FastTrac® TechVenture
A 12-week program that encourages technology entrepreneurs to determine the economic feasibility of the technology, design a business model that matches a personal vision, and create a business plan to communicate the opportunity to investors.

BizBuilderSC short courses help you build your knowledge of specific topics. Classes offered in your area will be listed on the BizBuilderSC website.

NxLevel® Establishing a Shared-use Commercial Kitchen
A complete "how-to" manual, which details the planning, design and budgetary considerations for developing an FDA approved, multi-tenant commercial kitchen.

Going Green, NxleveL® Guide to Environmental Solutions
A one-session, four-hour class designed to aid entrepreneurs in "green" decision making. Students develop a NxLeveL® Green Action Plan that guides their efforts in transforming their companies into environmentally friendly companies.

Money Matters, NxleveL® Guide to Money Management
A one-session, four-hour class designed to aid entrepreneurs in solvent financial decision making. Students develop a NxLeveL® Action Plan that guides their efforts by setting financial goals and addressing credit challenges.

NxLeveL® Signage
Introduces the ABCs of signage (attracting new customers, branding the business, and creating impulse sales) and relates these issues to the applicable sections of the business plan.

FastTrac® Listening to your Business
A hands-on, facilitated four-hour workshop designed to help you develop a three-year vision for your business, set your goals, and identify the steps it will take to get there.

Become an Entrepreneur

If you've been thinking about launching a company, BizBuilderSC offers the following Programs to get you started in the right direction:


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